Thursday 12/01/11

In class today we learned about the use of formal language in terms of writing letters and emails.  The graphic organizers used today in class are available on the class wiki under the “Class Resources” section.

For homework, you should follow the links below to investigate what “Netiquette” is, and how to use it for different modes of technology.  Then, you will create a Twitter account and use it to post 1 tweet with poor netiquette and 1 tweet with exceptional netiquette.  Instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to Sign up with a new account (even if you already have a Twitter account, create a NEW account for the purpose of this course and assignment).
  2. Make your username your first initial, last name, the number 10, and followed by “ela.” For example, if your name is John Smith, your username should be @jsmith10ela.
  3. Search for @scivley10ela and follow. This is the official twitter account for this class.
  4. Post your 2 tweets. Make sure that you mention @scivley10ela in BOTH tweets so that I will see them on my twitter feed, because I will follow your class Twitter account.  ONLY USE THIS TWITTER ACCOUNT FOR ASSIGNMENTS I GIVE TO YOU.Post the Tweets by no later than 8AM on 12/02/11. If you do not have access to a computer and/or internet, you may use the machines in the school library before and after school.


    10 Netiquette Rules
    Net M@nners
    Twitter Etiquette


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